Group Benefits Exposed


Group Benefits Exposed

In over 15 years of working with business owners, I’ve noticed that many aren’t getting the maximum value from their group benefits plans. In many cases, benefits plan costs increase year after year, payroll costs continue to grow, and tax strategies are not maximized.

When Firm Principals, HR staff, and other Key Decision-Makers understand how a good benefits program can improve their bottom line, the monies spent on group benefits packages become an investment rather than an expense.

My goal in writing this book is to expose some of the myths about group benefits plans.

In my experience, it’s an unfortunate reality that some insurance advisors keep consumers in the dark about how benefits plans work. This often leads to higher costs, a low return on employee payroll costs, and distrust between the advisor and the business owner. When all the parties truly understand their plan, they can start working as a team to everyone’s greatest benefit.

I hope this book educates you on the true value your benefits program adds to your company’s bottom line.

Douglas Pinnell

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