Help Wanted – Customer Service Assistant (Life Department)

Superstars Only.

Customer Service Assistant

Are you confident, reliable and resourceful?

Do you have lots of energy, a great work ethic, EXCEPTIONAL organization and communication skills?

If so, please keep reading...

Here are a few more requirements:

  1. Exceptional organization and communication skills (yes, we've mentioned that twice because it's SO important!)
  2. Loads of common sense.
  3. A champion at meeting deadlines.
  4. Quick on your feet and able to make decisions without a lot of details or direction.

Still sound like you? Well, we're off to a good start...

Listen to a quick message from Anthea Mumby, CEO as she discusses the core values we live by at Mumby Insurance.

About The Opportunity

We are a high-profile, fun, fast-paced insurance brokerage, looking for an "A-Player" who is a highly efficient, highly motivated, self-directed, resourceful, results-oriented, with a sense of humour and thick skin, to be the Customer Service Assistant for our life insurance department.

We want a ROCKSTAR Assistant who can provide support to our team members. The qualified applicant must enjoy learning, being stretched to grow, and will ultimately become an integral part of all our operations.

Mumby is a boutique insurance brokerage office located in Waterloo Ontario. For over 40 years our clients have trusted us to take care of what matters most to them. This is why over 96% of our clients renew with us each year!

We have a rich and diversified marketing approach which helps us to grow our customer base. To work at Mumby previous insurance experience is preferred but we will train the right candidate .

About Your "Must-Haves" 

We want this to be a perfect fit for us and for you. So, before going any further, here are a few "must-haves" that will make you and us a great match:

1. Be Extraordinarily Organized

  • You must have the ability to constantly establish and maintain organizational systems, files and records, as well as process email, organize email inboxes, while keeping environments free of clutter and distractions.
  • You must be able to handle and manage a chaotic schedule, as well as follow up regularly with phone calls and emails with our clients, vendors, and team members.
  • You must also be able to organize and keep track of paperwork, projects, and to do lists, as well as gather, assimilate and summarize information for responses and decisions. In addition, you’ll assist with planning, coordinating and organizing travel, as well as frequently reviewing the plans and proactively providing appropriate support.

2. Have Excellent & Professional Communication Skills

  • You must be able to respond professionally in-person and on the phone to very high-profile people, and have the ability to write, proofread, and edit letters and other professional documents, presentations, and correspondence that enhances our brokerage.
  • You must be able to handle sensitive information with tact and good judgment, even in chaotic environments.

3. Be Highly Attentive, Proactive & Resourceful

You must be alert and anticipate our needs (in advance) in all areas of the business. Examples of this would include:

  • Ensuring that you proactively managing the calendar and to-do lists for yourself and the life department personnel.
  • Constantly updating workflows and procedures to meet the evolving needs of our clients.
  • Scanning to do lists and projects and ensuring there are no major areas of blockage or "quicksand" that might keep you or anyone else from being productive.

4. Life Insurance Experience

If you have experience in the life insurance business, particularly in supporting successful life insurance experts, please notate it in your inquiry. We need people who understand how to play their role, how to pitch in wherever is needed, and have a "Whatever-It-Takes" attitude.

Are we a good fit so far? If YES, keep reading...

Something You Should Know...

As a team member of our firm, it’s helpful if you have some of the following experience: Working in a progressive insurance brokerage, working in a law firm, or helping run political campaigns.

Do you also possess either of these two qualities below?

1. Team and/or Leadership Experience

If you have leadership experience, please notate it in your inquiry. We find that people who’ve played on sports or have been on other types of teams, or who have had significant leadership experience, understand how to play their role, how to pitch in wherever is needed, and have a "Whatever-It-Takes" attitude .

2. High-End Restaurant and/or Customer Service Experience

If you have experience in high-end, busy restaurants, a concierge-type role, or high-level customer service, please notate it in your inquiry. We often find this type of person has received exceptional sales training, as well as an understanding of what it takes to maintain high levels of service and personal organization over long hours, while being accountable, and working under pressure.

**PLEASE** No whiners or complainers. We’re also not interested in bringing someone on-board who has too many personal commitments. We are looking for a team-player.

What's In It For You?

Working with Mumby Insurance Brokers would be the single most useful education you could get! 

You’d literally be getting paid to learn, and would also contribute value in the form of your ideas, positive energy, and organizational efforts. This is just the beginning. Joining our team offers much, much more!

Is This The Career For You?

Below are some characteristics we are looking for in hiring for this management position. Do you demonstrate these?

  • You are not simply interested in "punching a clock" and getting a pay cheque, but rather, you want to develop your skills and your career, and make a positive contribution to a business team and the community it serves.
  • You understand the challenges of working in a small business and welcome them as valuable learning and growing opportunities.
  • You understand what it is to be a HARD worker.

How to Apply

If you are interested in joining a dynamic and exciting team, please...

  1. Visit this page and watch Anthea Mumby's videos.
  2. Email Anthea ( with subject line "I am the Customer Service Assistant Superstar You are Looking For, Anthea!"
  3. And attach: 
  • Your resume
  • Three (3) personal AND three (3) professional references
  • The 3 biggest things you learned by watching Anthea's videos
  • A short essay (less than 1 page) on your choice of ONE of the following two topics: Describe the person (present, past, dead, living) you most admire and why? OR Describe an experience that has been the MOST valuable to you and why?

Applications without the items above will not be considered. Please do not call, fax or visit us at the office to inquire about this job.

Thank you for your interest in working with our team!


Anthea Mumby

President, Mumby Insurance Brokers