More Productive Meetings

5 Ways to Make Your Business Meetings More Productive

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Meetings are a key component to any high-functioning workplace and growing your business. Not only are they are a primary method for employees to interface and discuss ongoing projects, but they can also encourage team building. However, meetings can quickly become unproductive if the proper precautions aren’t considered. This can lead to delayed projects and frustrated employees. Make Your Meetings …

Change Air Filter

Is the Air in Your Home Safe?

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Your home’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system maintains the air quality of your home. However, your HVAC system will only work properly if its air filter is regularly inspected and changed. As your HVAC system works to circulate the air in your home, its filter will remove dust and pollen particles from the air. According to Energy Star, …

How to Stay Healthy into Your Senior Years

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Staying Healthy for Life: Tips for Seniors You can have a positive influence on how you think, feel and act when you are older simply by changing how you think, feel and act now. Staying healthy, fit, active and happy are the keys to aging gracefully. This commercial give an interesting and vivid perspective on how our actions can influence …

Stolen password

The 25 Most Often Stolen Passwords: Is Yours One of Them?

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How clever is your password? If it’s on the list below, your password is just as easily stolen as it is remembered. How to Create a More Secure Password To create a more secure password, make sure you are not relying only on numbers or letters – use a mix of both. Also, try to avoid simple keyboard patterns like …

Internet of Things

“The Internet of Things” Becomes a $1 Trillion Dollar Industry?

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Today, there are more digitally connected devices than there are people on the planet. These immense networks are capable of supporting an array of applications—from the mundane to the sophisticated—and can help propel economic opportunities. This vast interconnected system of devices, vehicles and even buildings are all part of the Internet of Things (IoT)—and more and more businesses are investing …

Directors and Officers Liability

5 Common Sources of Directors and Officers Liability

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In today’s business climate of corporate transparency and accountability, an organization’s officers and directors face a myriad of exposures. Regardless of your company’s size or mission, the legal costs associated with a lawsuit can be crippling for both the organization and your directors and officers. Directors and Officers Liability The following are five of the most common sources of directors …

business car

What Are You Using Your Vehicle For?

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What do you use your vehicle for? Do you use it primarily for running errands? Do you drive it to and from work each day? Or, do you use it for business as well as personal use? This question may not seem like a big deal, but not properly disclosing how you use your vehicle can have serious insurance repercussions. For example, …

How Healthy Is Your Family

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Family Health Assessment and Action Plan Teaching your children healthy behaviours can be challenging, and it takes the effort of the entire family to help your children maintain a healthy lifestyle. This assessment can help you gauge where you stand now, and the action plan will help your family move toward healthier habits. Assessment Healthy Eating How many fruits/vegetables do …


The Pros and Cons of Unlimited Vacation

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Due to the fact that no two businesses operate in the same way and have different peak times throughout the year, vacation policies tend to vary heavily from company to company. However, as a new generation continues to make its way into the workforce, there seems to be more of a focus on work-life balance, specifically through the use of …

Winter Tires

Mandated Winter Tire Discount in Ontario

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As of Jan. 1, 2016, all insurance providers operating in Ontario are required to provide discounts—typically 2 to 5%—to policyholders who purchase and install winter tires. These discounts, which were mandated by the Ministry of Finance and the Government of Ontario, were put into force to not only reduce insurance rates, but also to improve overall roadway safety. How to …